Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hey guys!

Glad you came over from my main website!

So this site is obviously still being created, but I plan (hopefully within the next few weeks, but whenever time allows) on posting a bunch of my artwork on here. For those who don't know (which are most of my readers) I am quite an avid artist as well as a writer, though I have never planned on doing anything more with it than drawing as a hobby. I'm a very sketchy artist, who is big on proportion and impressionism, instead of that heavy detail (as you will see). One thing is for sure-- I'm no digital artist! I have no idea how to do artwork digitally, so everything you'll see here will be strictly pencil, pen, and/or marker, on basic paper. I draw mostly characters from Disney (focusing on the princesses), Marvel comics, and [of course] characters from Insperatus. For those of you who have yet to purchase or read Insperatus, or even for those of you who already have, it will be my little spoiler to introduce Rein, Traith, and my many other cast through my own eyes, to YOU.

So basically I tell you all this not just to enlighten you on one more of my various hobbies, nor to simply introduce my characters to you in my own light, but to offer commission work. I will make myself available to you, the readers, to draw whatever you like--simply send me an email with what you'd like (as specific as possibly would be wonderful), your address by which to send it (unless you live in South Jersey, by which I may be able to make arrangements to have it dropped off to you), or even digitally--where I can email you the drawing through scanning it (that approach may not be too popular, but it would be easy for everyone). As far as payment would go, I would have to receive it first, before I send out the art [you know, safety purposes]. I would also need about a dollar extra for shipping, if it is to be mailed out. My rates will be posted here soon, but may vary depending on what you would like done. Trust me, I wouldn't rip you off--I'm in this for the fun of it just like you, so I'm a rather cheap salesman. :)

So those are my latest will merely become a site that is open to those who visit my main site []. And as I said, my artwork will be up here as soon as time allows me to. The summer's always super busy with tons of things that pop up every day, you know how it goes. Until next time-- ___________|

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